Blue Breaker

Blue Breaker

No introductions required for the Blues Breaker circuit. Our kit has a few modifications to the spec which fatten it up nicely. There is also a toggle switch for diode selection.

The PCB design has the pots mounted to it as shown in the example image. This method ensures the circuit hangs securley within the enclosure.  

The kit is supplied with a JP125B sized enclosure as standard. 3 knobs and a toggle on this. The toggle is a clipping diode mod, I tried using D9E on mine, which are quite nice but did oscillate at the top end of the drive pot. Try any diodes you wish, should you not like the supplied LED's but be aware you may also experience some oscilation so the drive will need to be turned down to 9.5! 

Whilst this kit requires no special skill to put together, I'd say this is a medium level build




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