Black Pearl Flanger

Black Pearl Flanger



This is our first foray into the world of Flangers. Taking inspiration from the good old classic Electric Mistress we have the wonderful Black Pearl. It offers rich flanging, with a low noise level. The controls are flexible and it runs from 9v. It uses either a MN3007/3207 BBD chip to create the effect.  We have a huge stock of legit Panasonic MN3007, plenty of fakes exist so do be careful if sourcing the BBD from elsewhere. 


The board is spaced for PCB mounted toggles and pots. It fits in one of our JP1590BB cases.  The four controls are Rate,  Filter/Matrix, Range and Colour. Rate controls the LFO. Range sets the depth of the flange, Colour is basically a feedback control changing the intensity of said Flange. The toggle adjusts the overall circuit path giving you a plethora of tonal choices. 


This kit is big, it is a real challenge to build and it is not for the feint hearted. That said, I managed it so I would expect you can too! It's a serious DIY Project and you need the right equipment to build it. You have to bias trimmers and ideally need a hertz meter (you can also set the latter by ear if you don't have one) The end results are really quite satisfying and I am really pleased to be able to share this kit with you.





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