Big Muff Multi

Big Muff Multi

Theres a video of our kit here



We've designed a really smart Multi Muff PCB. All our Muff variants are built on the same board, which can handle four mounted pots and a toggle. Not all the variants use all four pots.  Have a look through the parts lists to see if your version has 3 or 4.


Please select the circuit spec you want from the drop down option. The only deviation from the standard circuit is the ever present clipping diode toggle switch. Its a very worthy addition.


The specs available cover different era's of muffage. Most of them are quite similar so what I would say is if you just want a Muff then go for The Original, or The Green Russian is also popular. 


If you want a heavy Muff in your life then get the Stoner Spec and if you want something a little boutique the get the Whoof.


Check out this site for a plethora of Muff info.


  • This kit compares to lots of different Big Muffs from every era. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.

Muff Spec



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