Bald Spot

Bald Spot



This is based on a pedal that was pink, a lovely shade of pink, and made by Catalinbread. The Bald Spot Fuzz is a 60's fuzz circuit on steroids. Despite having two knobs it is very versatile. The Texture control changes this fuzz from harsh heavy sounds through to smooth lead tones. I believe the base circuit in use here is the 'Fuzz Rite' from the 60's. 

This kit is not hard. Its a nice step up from a beginner kit. 4/10 hard! 

The PCB has spots for the 2 pots to mount directly to it, securing the PCB inside the enclosure.

This kit is supplied with a JP1590B enclosure. Forum patter suggests this one sounds well on bass too!

  • This kit compares to the Catalinbread Merkin Fuzz. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.