Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda



Meet Baby Yoda, a 3 can germanium fuzz box with voltage invertor so you can daisy chain!  Based on the classic Baldwin Burns Buzzaround fuzz from the mid to late 60’s which in many peoples opinion is the holy grail fuzz box. Originals are ridiculously rare to come by and when they do you are looking at a 4-figure sum. It is the sound of Robert Fripp on David Bowie’s “Heroes” which also happens to be one of my favourite songs.


This kit genuinely sounds like no other, it really is something quite special and I am very pleased with it. It barks & spits like an uncaged animal, it roars and cuts through like nothing I’ve ever heard. And there are so few  original Buzzarounds left out there, let alone one that’s actually working properly, so we are left with few options other than recreate the fuzzy god of days gone by.


I was amazed the tone, the rich harmonics, the fatness, the versatility, and the almost surreal openness of the sound with virtually any good guitar I plugged into it (ive not got any bad ones to try it with). The Baby Yoda can create a range of tones from classic vintage fuzz through to chunky overdrive and modern rock distortion.


You’ve got 4 pots to play with, Volume, Sustain, Trim and Balance.


This is an easy build. There’s no specialist knowledge needed, all the parts drop into place. Just please be careful soldering those beautiful germanium PNP’s into place. ​


This kit is supplied with a JP 125B Enclosure. As you can see the PCB is designed for right angled mounted pots so you will have a nice neat build once complete.


Wait…what’s this, your eyes do not deceive you. Top mounted jacks and power you say?   You have the choice with this kit. Top or side mounted. The kit comes with the mini styled jacks as standard. (if you're after anything but the full kit, its irrelevant...pick either)


  • This kit compares to the Buzzaround Fuzz

    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.

Jacks & Power Position



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