Fake Spring Reverb

Fake Spring Reverb

Using a real spring is not practical, so meet the Fake Spring Reverb Kit. Its a digital stomp box kit designed to deliver a faithful recreation of the sound we all know love and need. Its said that this may be as close as you'll come to spring reverb in a practical pedal board sized format. This is the Fake Analog Delays big sister.


It features an all-analogue dry signal path, so your basic tone doesn't get messed with, and cloaks your sound with authentic spring-like ambience delivered by the BTDR2 brick. If you crank the depth up it’s like your stood in a huge hall!


There are three controls on this one, Level – does what it says on the tin. Depth is the reverb dwell time and Shade controls the tone. As you can see, the board is very well designed and as ever features our leading DIY friendly approach. This includes a neat spaced board, larger pads to encourage good joints and excellent instruction. All this combined gives you a great chance of success with your project.


The kit  is supplied with a JP1590BB enclosure, the board is spaced for board mounted pots for neatness. Its an intermediate kit, it has expensive parts that a new builder should not want to risk ruining. 


Speaking of expensive parts, choose between short or long decay on the brick! Without seeming to state the obvious, the PCB Only option does not include a reverb brick

Brick Decay



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