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Kit Sample Upload

This form is for submitting sound samples of Jeds Peds pedal kits. If you’ve built one and want to share with the world how good it sounds, carry on! Your clip will be shared with the Jeds Peds community to help others learn more about the kits on offer.

The main thing you need is a sound file, an .mp3 or .wav file for example . A video clip (.mp4, .mov) is also allowed. Ideally, you should record the sound of the pedal on its own where possible, from a guitar into a clean amp (or modeler) with few or no other effects involved.

Try to keep the clip short, e.g. a minute or so.

We ask some questions about the gear you’ve used to record it so that others can make a judgement about what they’re hearing.

We also need some information about you so that we can credit you for the recording and potentially contact you if we have any questions about your recording.

* indicates a required field

What Pedal kit are you demoing? This should be the name of a Jeds Peds kit as it’s listed on the website (link opens in a new tab).  

Please describe the signal chain: guitar, pickup, amp, and any other effects.

Please describe what you’re doing in the clip, e.g. how are the knobs set? Are you changing anything during the clip? It’s helpful if you start with the clean tone before turning on the pedal.


If you've uploaded a clip to YouTube or SoundCloud or some other place, you can put a link here instead.

Note:  it may take awhile for your form submission to complete due to the time it takes to load your file.

Thanks for your contribution! We'll be in touch if we have any questions.

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