The Who in a box. Live at Leeds. Here it is the Wiiioooo. Our version is slightly different in that we have added an option to utilise a 5th pot which is an internal trim pot on the original. Its a worthy addition to the pedal


The circuit emulates a 70's HiWatt amp. With the standard four knobs, Volume, Gain, Bass and Treble. The kit will include the 5th pot as well as the trimmer, but to be safe, the enclosure provided is a 4 knob case. You will have to drill the 5th knob should you wish to use it - although, if you message me I will add the 5th hole for you.  This pedal can also be used as an effective Pre Amp stacked into another pedal.

The kit is currently supplied with a JP125B sized enclosure. The circuit is not overly challenging to put together. 

  • This kit compares to the Wiio by Catalinbread. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.