Toy Boy Delay

Toy Boy Delay

So the Toy Boy, where to start. 6 pots and a toggle giving you a very versatile PT2399 driven delay which is ripe for modification.


The circuit was designed with the Deluxe Memory Man in mind, using the alternative PT2399 chip to the BBD's the original uses. Its not identical to the DMM but in the right ball park. Owing to the amount of controls this is very versatile but does take some time to figure out how to use, so dont expect to plug in and be able to do your best Bryan May impression and run around the house playing Brighton Rock in the first five mins.  The toggle further improves the effect by switching between chorus and vibe modes. 


PT2399 delays arent clean, they degrade, they are unique and very nice. 


The board is spaced for PCB mounted toggles and pots, although they are positioned closely so be careful with which knobs you order. It fits in one of our JP1590BB cases.


Lots of parts in this kit, so please judge your own skill level in that respect. Lots of parts can equal lots to debug should an error occur. 




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