The Bolt

The Bolt

Another Supreaux in a box pedal. This one is a clone of the clone with a deviation or two along the way


The build process is suitable for intermediate level builders, there are quite a few parts to put in place and you will need to bias the supply voltage to the transistors. The PCB has spaces for right angled mounted pots, as ever, if I have the values in stock I will supply them at no extra charge, if not they will need to be wired in place using short wires.

This runs at 18v from a 9v supply.

This circuit uses Jfets to emulate tubes, which is a cool way of doing it. Sadly though the world is running out of through hole fets so we may deviate from those listed in the build doc. 

This circuit is also good for Blues Harp Players - so I am reliably informed. 

The kit is supplied with a JP1590B sized enclosure as standard