Taxi Driver (Reverb) FV1 Modulation

Taxi Driver (Reverb) FV1 Modulation


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The Taxi Driver is a FV-1 based modulation kit. It comes in two flavours, Delay and Reverb. This is the listing for the Reverb option. You cannot do both at once unless you swap the Eeprom chip. Its a really lush digital reverb with three controls which set the reverb options, simply named CTRL1, 2, 3. This approach allows the user to name them as they wish. There is also a three way toggle and a mix pot. Therefore the Taxi Driver is a very versatile, impressive DIY project


There are also two different difficulty levels, if you have experience soldering surface mount parts then this kit is fairly straight forwards. If you dont then the FV1 chip is a challenge. At present they are only offered de-soldered.  I recommend ordering yourself a very cheap surface mount practice kit from ebay or similar to test yourself with. The FV1 is a very expensive part itself, so you do not want to practice on it.


The FV1 and EEPROM work together, the EEPROM contains the individual programmes that the FV1 reads. So both are required to enable this project to work. Therefore the minimum option to choose is the PCB, EEPROM and FV1 option, should you not have any.


When complete, the project is everything you could wish for in a top quality reverb pedal. It provides excellent ambience. Its feature packed, versatile and enhances whatever you feed into it and adds various different tonal flavours to your mix. 


The board is spaced for PCB mounted toggles and pots. It fits in one of our JP125B cases.


These projects are as new to me, as they are to you. Therefore I am learning as I go. I will test all EEPROMs work before I send them to ensure accuracy with the progamming. FV1's are already being cloned and fakes exist. Ours are from a legit source as you would expect. The programmes have been supplied by Dimitris_D, thanks bud! 





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