Pre Soldered Overdrive PCB's

Pre Soldered Overdrive PCB's

Each time I test a new kit out I am left with a pre soldered board. This is what these are, I must add 40 new boards to my stock each year and bar the odd 'can you knock me up a...' request, they just sit in the box. 


You are getting a pre soldered PCB which will have had no real use other than testing and photographing.  There is only ever one of each, so if something takes your fancy you really need to be decisive. 


There is a linked listing to add on a full offboard section so the case, jacks, footswitch and so on. 


Some may be older boards, or discontinued and I will reflect that in the listing. They may contain a variety of wired or PCB mounted pots the same as the final kits may,


These are from £20.

  • Please be sure to read the appropriate product description of the board you are buying, this also contains the build document to read before you order.


    The kits are enjoyable but can also be challenging.


    You will have to identify components, calculate resistor codes and be able to solder them into place. 


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