The Royalty of the overdrive section. The "King Of" Overdrives is one half of a much larger prodution pedal.


As you can see in the images, this PCB has been designed to hang from the pots inside the enclosure, wired pots can also be used and we will send either dependant on stock. The pots control Drive, Volume and Tone. 

I've added a charge pump to the PCB so this should run at about 18V from a standard 9v supply. This can also be left out if you dont want it! 

The current kit replaces the onboard DIP switch with two external toggles. The switching basically swaps you between three different versions of the circuit. One is a very loud clean boost. The other two are two fairly similar overdrives. These switches are a 100% must, they need to be on the outside to give you those options without taking the back off all the time. All 3 versions are useable. 


Other modifications can be made as well such as a 'Hi Gain' mode.  The original pedal uses some incredibly expensive diodes, our kit includes reasonably priced alternatives which still retain that Royal Tone, user feedback to date is that they are actually better! 

The kit is supplied with a JP1590BI sized enclosure. The kit is not difficult to put together, new builders with an understanding of electronics could complete this build but I'd suggest it is an intermediate level project.

  • I Wonder What it Compares to

    This kit compares to the Prince of Tone. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.

  • Whats Included with Each Option

    PCB Only - Just the plain PCB

    PCB & Components - PCB, onboard components and any pots and toggle switches. 

    PCB & Components and off board parts - As above with off board components (foot switch, Jacks, 9v socket, LED)

    Full Kit - As above with undrilled enclosure.

    Full Kit & Drilling - Full kit with drilled enclosure.

  • Case Drilling

    Drilling is an optional extra for the Full Kit. There is a small surcharge for this.


    Drilling includes all the holes for a complete pedal.

  • Knobs

    You will need 3 knobs for this kit. I suggest you get medum sized.

  • Fair Warning

    Please be sure to read the build document before you order. The kits are enjoyable but can also be challenging.

    You will have to identify components, calculate resistor codes and be able to solder them into place. 

    All kits require full assembly and any images of completed PCBs are for reference only.

  • Pre Built Kit

    If you want the kit pre building then select this option, you must add your knobs from the knob section or it will come without any!

    The pre build options is exactly that, you are buying a kit and I am doing the build for you. There are no returns accepted on these but I do give a 12 month repair warranty so should a fault be developed I will repair it.




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