Jacquie Octave PCB

A double octave up pedal, this thing really screams. This is a tricky kit with a lot of parts and a tight PCB. The horizontal enclosure will also be tight inside. Other than having a high parts count and a bit of tightness, there is nothing at all techincally difficult about putting this together. 


Whilst this does function the same as the original pedal, the actual circuit is not the same. The end result is though. A very gnarly sounding double octave pedal which can be totally modified by adjusting those internal trimmers. 

This is now only available as PCB only, or pre built. Whilst stocks last.

  • I Wonder What it Compares to

    This kit compares to the Jonny Octave. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.

  • Build Guide

  • Fair Warning

    Please be sure to read the build document before you order. The kits are enjoyable but can also be challenging.

    You will have to identify components, calculate resistor codes and be able to solder them into place. 

    All kits require full assembly and any images of completed PCBs are for reference only.




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