Cog in the Box

Cog in the Box

Cog in the Box is an adaptation of the Tube Bender, a silicon transistor overdrive designed by Dan Coggins of Dinosaural.  It is a nice little overdrive circuit that took its inspiration from the tube screamer and the tone bender. The original version was adapted to include the tone shift  toggle. It boasts ultimate sound quality and ‘transparent tone’.


Its nice to set it at a semi clean and push the input signal to your tube amp enhancing subtle distortion and fatness. The drive control gives progressively variable distortion from gentle to balls to the wall fuzz. Its also said to be a good vocal effect, but I cant comment on that – nobody wants to hear me sing!


The original pedal was made in low numbers, but it was very sought after and features on the pedal boards of many a famous musician.


This kit fits a JP125b enclosure. It is suitable to an intermediate level builder, it features our DIY friendly layout and board design, detailed PDF build guide, top quality parts and the availability of our leading build support forum! The board is designed for ‘right angled’ pots. All this combines to give you a great chance of success.


You also have the choice of side or top mounted jacks and power socket on this one. You have to ask yourself when the goodness will ever end with JedsPeds #blushing.

  • This kit compares to The Tube Bender.


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.

Jacks & Power Position



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