Blue Beret

Blue Beret

An overdrive designed for those bassists out there, as well as those guitarists with slack strings!


The build process is suitable for any level of builder from just above a beginner, I'd not try this if you are totally new to electronics - but its up to you. There are a a lot of parts to put in place but no specialist skills are required. The PCB takes right angled pots and hangs from them very safely indeed. As ever, if we have the correct values in stock in R/A pots we will supply them at no extra charge.

As kits got, this one is quite high in its parts count

There are three knobs controlling the Volume, Nature and Gain. The latter two controls are fairly interactive with each other. 

The kit is supplied with a JP1590BI sized enclosure as standard. 3 hole layout to take the controls.